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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Business Slides...Hoommaaaaiiii..sigh!


Hope that it is not too late or me to wishing u guys  a Happy new year as we r still in month of  January 2013.. Alhamdulillah ,when am writing this post , i'm in doing fine dengan rezeki Allah...xlupe rindu pulak kat family members in PD..

Tahun baru with few more additional works that need to be done.. What can i expect when the new semester has already started.. Time for blogging will always been squeezed by my workloads here as a lecturer.. Furthermore , i have been assigned with 5 more subjects ...with 2 more extra new business subjects... yup..keep sighing as it is not my field..But   just take it as a new opportunity for me to  learn more on business .Beside , i'm having and running my small  business as well..Tapi , tu la... stil merungut2 as my interest is only to teach English Language, English subjects.. Then when it comes for me to teach business ?...neahhhh.... Ok..starts stretching my fingers because it is pointless to keep complaining..sebab 'boston' ni almost sinking masuk drain.kena tolong company ni...haiiyaaa...

So , ni sempat mencuri masa buka my blog yg berkurun xbuka.. Ini pon sbb mata da terrrrsangat letih tgk slides..Yup , power point slides for my lecture.. Name pon new subjects.. So,kena prepare teaching materials ..Mujur even they r business subjects, ade la gak part2 yg i have mastered n taught few times in my English classes.. Hmm.. , if setakat pasal communication skills tu  , stil 'sayur2' lagi to me... Presentation skills , and bla2 bla bla..mana yg melibatkn byk communication either verbals o non verbals tu stil kacang2 lagi, But when it comes to business negotiation , customer service customers' problems , suppliers , agents , contact centre and all the 'flowers'( kena gune ayat yg decent even dlm hati ni..haihh...) which have nothing to do with my English competence and 'territory' like grammars?..Slowly , i feel very annoyed and yup, they do pissing me off..Marah sebab entah pape theories layg nk kena hafal yg xde kena mengena ngn my education degree. Xnampak lak Blooms Taxanomy ke , any parts of speechs ke , phonetics ke.hadeehhhh...tapi ..sabar noryn..Ffter i've done all  my readings (of course about business)..harap2 xde la i bagi ajaran "syiah" pasal business to my students..Well,nama pon bukan my field tapi ade la sikit contents pasal writings....but i'l try my best.. Ni ha ,nak share some funny cartoons that i've put some of them inside my slides.1) English for Business Writing Subjects and 2) ContactCenter Customer Problem Solving..

Yup ,xske buat slides yg 'stiff' , 'jargon' and berjela2..Tips paling mudah buat slides , avoid using jargon words , avoid letak words berjela2 yg org pon mls nk baca,just put your main points , bykkn explaination
( verbals ya...) dari sibuk nk membaca ya..Sbb nama pon buat presentation session, bukan reading session..and letak la some visual/ photos just to make your slides not too bored and nice to b looked at.


Take care.Salam;)